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Welcome to ICRAS Motion Control Solutions

Independent specialist on crane load sway control, load anti-sway, and crane automation

CRANE Motion Control Solutions

Crane user:


Consulting for smart crane solutions

Do you need smarter cranes to improve your productivity, or does your crane need replaced or upgraded load sway control or automation?

If you have already cranes with load sway control, it is likely that your system is developed or at least inspired by us.

We have over 25 years of experience in innovative crane control solutions. We can help you to write functional descriptions for your cranes and define automation features which helps you to optimise performance of your materials handling processes. With experience of over 1000 advanced crane control projects we are able to define control system features which improve productivity, reduce risks and maximise return of your investment.

Cranes with sway control system can be used in many innovative ways to improve your production process safety and efficiency. Swing free crane load reduces damage to load and lifting equipment, and stress to crane structure and hoists. Equipment lifetime is extended and maintenance cost reduced.

Cranes can be added with smart features which help operators to perform their job faster and without damages, in a same manner as some new cars can park themselves automatically or drive semi-autonomously following highway lanes. Where applicable, cranes can also operate fully automatically as a part of your intelligent manufacturing system.

After defining crane functionality we can continue as your consultant negotiating with the equipment and automation system suppliers, review the quotations and inspect and test the delivered systems.

We are happy to work with your crane builder and automation system integrator. We are also willing to use any control equipment you require, if it is technically possible.

Examples of semi-autonomous cranes:


  • Hot metal ladle and charging cranes in steel-plants
  • Roller repair shops
  • Car industry coil handling and stamping plants
  • Container handling in harbours and industry
  • Pre-casted concrete element handling and concrete distribution to casting machines
  • Bulk material handling (coke, clinker, biofuel, household waste, metal scrap etc.)
  • Paper machine rolls, rolls and sheets
  • Tankhouse cranes in metal refineries
  • General manufacturing and metal workshops


Examples of fully autonomous cranes:


  • Steel and aluminium slab, coil and sheet handling
  • Waste-to-energy cranes
  • Cheese manufacturing
  • Clinker, biofuel and other bulk materials
  • Containers and similar packaged goods with special lifting tools



Product and business development

If you wish to add some smarter features and crane load sway control into your product portfolio, or you already have some solutions but you are not entirely happy with the performance of your offering, you are in the right place with us.

Since 1991 we have co-operated with the leading crane, inverter drive and programmable control system manufacturers to productize crane load sway control and crane automation solutions for OEM use. We can develop control solutions which fit to any drive or control system. We can also help writing instruction, start-up and maintenance manuals and defining product portfolios.

If you want to add crane load sway control, safety area limits, load positioning, or even simple user programmable automation cycles into your product portfolio, we have experience and knowledge you need.

We cannot disclose all our customers, but if you work with cranes, inverter drives or PLC system you surely know several users of our technology.



System Integrator:


Sway control components and co-operation

Do you have customers who could benefit of crane load sway control or smarter (or even automated) cranes? Or do you have a customer who needs replacing of his old equipment, or is unhappy with the existing crane control system and needs an alternative? We are here to help and we would like to co-operate with You.

We have crane load sway and automation control solutions as components, and we are happy to train and consult you.

The System Integrator is the one who makes the crane control system successful. We are always willing to take extra steps to ensure that automation system integrators and programmers using our solutions get the best results and can minimize the risks and commissioning time in their projects. We know that we can only be successful together, and if your customer is not happy or you are not competitive, we both loose business.

We are very pleased to do sales and marketing co-operation. Even if you do not have an ongoing project please centact us, maybe we have a customer contact near to you, and we can find new business together. If you do not have previous crane control experience, but you are interested to expanding to that field, let us know. We will help you to get started.



Cranes with load sway control are safer, faster, smarter and more productive

About Us

We were the first to develop a practical crane load sway control solution for all overhead type cranes 1991. This solution was patented and sold by Innocrane Oy

Our first crane load sway control system was installed 1992 to a coil handling crane at Outokumpu steel, and since then our technology has been used in 1000’s cranes world-wide.


The Innocrane company with it’s patents and technologies was sold to Konecranes 2002, and formed a basis for their success in smart crane control solutions.

Today ICRAS Motion Control Solutions is an independent company providing consulting, technology and components for all crane control and automation needs.
We are the friendliest people to work with

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